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Kirsten Seestern Christoffersen


Freshwater ecologist focusing on all aspects of lake and ponds of along climate and nutrient gradients. This includes food web interactions, relation to abiotic condition, lake restoration and management, implications of invasive species, toxic cyanobacteria and bird populations. I have long-term experiences with field work, expeditions, experimental setups and monitoring especially in high latitudes and high altitudes. Furthermore, I have administrative and organizational skills from  running research projects, reseach meetings, workshopds etc. My teaching portefololio includes aquatic and arctic biology at all university levels and I have supervised numerous Bsc, Msc and PhD projects.

Science community services (present):

  • Member of the international steering committee for CAFF/CBMP-freshwater Program
  • Coordinator for Danish Kingdom expert group in CBMP program
  • Ad hoc member of evaluation boards for the Norwegian, Sweedish and Finnish Research Councils
  • Board member of the Arctic Station Council, UoC, Greenland
  • Member of numerous national and international ad hoc evaluation boards and comities
  • Reviewer for 20+ scientific journals
  • Reviewer of multiple academic positions, Phd-defences, evaluation panels etc. for universities in Denmark and abroad