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Mikael Kristian Sejr


CV – Mikael K. Sejr, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist at Arctic Research Centre, Department of Bioscience, University of Aarhus, Denmark. e-mail.
Born: April 4 1972. Married, 3 children. Danish citizen

Research interests
Structure and functioning of Arctic marine ecosystems
Carbon cycling in Arctic waters
Ecophysiology and diversity of macrobenthos
Air-sea CO2 exchange

Professional experience
2012-present Senior scientist at Arctic Research Centre, Univ. of Aarhus
2008-2012 Senior scientist at NERI, Dept. of marine ecology, Univ. of Aarhus
2005-2008 Scientist at NERI, Dept. of marine ecology, Univ. of Aarhus
2002-2005 Post doc at NERI financed by Carlsberg
2002 Teaching Assistant. University of Aarhus (6 months)
1998-2002 Ph.D. at University of Aarhus

Funding received as project lead (PI) or work package leader (WP)
1998 Ph.D. grant. Århus University. 1.8 mio Dkr.
2000 Crown Prince Frederik and princess Mary’s Scholarship. 75.000 Dkr.
2002 Post doctoral grant. 1.2 mio Dkr. Carlsberg Foundation.
2003-present MarinBasis, Long-term Ecologic Research in Arctic Marine Ecosystems. 1.1 mio Dkr annually. Danish Environmental Protection Agency. PI.
2004 Growth change in arctic bivalves in relation to ice-cover 175.000 Dkr. Carlsberg Foundation. PI
2006 Air-sea flux of CO2 in Young Sound, Greenland. 450.000 Dkr. PI
2007 Ecosystem Metabolism in sub-Arctic Kobbefjord. 1.4 mio Dkr. Commission for Scientific Research in Greenland. PI
2008 ISICab Arctic Winter dynamics 675.000 Dkr. WP
2009 Biodiversity of the benthic macrofauna in SW Greenland. 2.4 mio Dkr. PI
2010 Eco-Tide 550.000 Dkr. Århus University Research Fund. PI
2010 ECOCLIM 2.4 mio Dkr. Danish Strategic Research Council. WP
2011 Biodiversity and climate effects in the Greenland intertidal zone. 911.500 Dkr. Danish Environmental Protection Agency. PI
2011 Biodiversity in Deeper section of Baffin Bay. 1.6 mio kr. PI
2013 Blåmuslingen som indikator for klimaforandringer i Grønland. 250.000. PI
2013 Equipment for studies of Arctic acidification. 462.000. PI
2014 Changes in Arctic marine production. 400.000 Carlsberg. PI
2015 Impacts of glacial meltwater on coastal carbon cycling. 1.4 mio. Dkr. PI

Professional memberships
Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring Steering Committee
Arctos, International Network for Marine Ecology in the Arctic
American Association of Limnology and Oceanography
Greenland Climate Research Center

Bibliographic data (as of April 2015)
41 published peer-reviewed papers, 40+ synthesizing or technical reports
Web of Science: 36 papers, 694 citations, H-factor: 14.

Student supervision
Supervise(d) 5 master students and 4 Ph.D. students

2009 Session chair at ASLO conference in Nice
2010 Guest editor on the special issue: Impacts of climate warming on polar marine and freshwater ecosystems. Polar Biology.
2014 Review editor, Global Change and the Future Ocean. Frontiers.

Participation in cruises and field work
28 Arctic field campaigns on ships or research stations., 14 as scientific leader