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Morten Rasch


General description

Morten Rasch has a background as polar scientist with expertice on (i) climate change and its influence on arctic terrestrial ecosystems, (ii) the Quaternary Geology of Greenland, (iii) relative sea-level changes in Greenland and (iv) marine geology of arctic fjord systems. He has a PhD in physical geography and is edutated in management/leadership (Engineering Busines Administration). During the last ten years he has been working mainly with (i) coordination and leadership of long-term research projects in Greenland and beyond, (ii) establishment and run of arctic research stations/infrastructure, (iii) national and international coordination of polar research, (iv) planning of arctic research expeditions, (v) fundraising for arctic research and infrastructure projects, (vi) dissemination of polar science to the general public.


Larger Danish funded projects:

2014-15: Establishment of Villum Research Station, at Station Nord, Greenland, 70 mio. DKK

2007-14: Scientific Coordinator of Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring, 15-25 mio. DKK per year

1997-2006: Scientific Leader of ZERO, 5–15 mio. DKK per year

1996-2007: Establisment of Zackenberg Research Station, 30 mio. DKK


EU projects:

2011-: INTERACT, EU 7th FP, leader af two Workpackages, 1.7 mio. EURO

2010-14: SIOS, EU 7th FP, leader of Task, 0,05 mio EURO

2005-9: European Polar Consortium, EU 6th FP, participant, 0,05 mio. EURO

2001-4: SCANNET, EU 5th FP, leader af Workpackage, 0,15 mio. EURO

2000-3: ENVINET, EU 5th FP, leader af Workpackage, 0,1 mio. EURO                                            


International research cooperation:

- Danish National representative in Forum of Arctic Research Operators

- Executive Secretary in Forum of Arctic Research Operators (2004 til 2013)

- Danish representative in diffetrent expert groups under AMAP

- Chairman of Station Manager Forum in INTERACT (72 arctic research stations)

- Danish representative in European Polar Infrastructure Committee

- Member of the Arctic Science Summit Week Planning Committee

- Member of the Sustained Arctic Observing Network Initiative Group



1991: Master in Physical Geography, University of Copenhagen

1996: PhD in Physical Geography, University of Copenhagen

2002-: Graduate Diploma in Leadership, Technical  University of Denmark


Postgraduate employments:

2015-: Chief Consultant, University of Copenhagen

2014-15: Special Consultant, University of Copenhagen

2013-14: Senior Advisor, Aarhus University

2010-13: Leader of Section, Aarhus University

2009-12: Senior Advisor, Aarhus University

2003-8: Leader of Section, Danish Polar Center

1996-2003: Special Advisor, Danish Polar Center

1993-6: Scientific Leader of Arctic Station, University of Copenhagen

1991-3: Research Assistant, University of Copenhagen



Papers in peer reviewed international journals: 25

Books and reports: 33

Popular science and debate papers: 50