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Olivier GILG


Working on predator-prey interactions (lemmings, arctic foxes, stoat, snowy owl, skuas) and seaice associated seabirds (ivory gull) since 1990. Mainly in NE Greenland but also at other Arctic sites.

My papers can be found at this link:

Field work is organizer jointly by the Uiversity of Bourgogne Franche Comté (France) and the NGO "Groupe de rencheche en écologie Arctique (Arctic Ecology Research Group).

The current research at Hochstetter Forland (2010-2022>) is supported by the French Polar Institute (IPEV): program "1036 Interactions". It is done in close collaboration with teams at 2 other NEG sites (Zackenberg and Karupelv Valley).

Since 2016, it is also part of a larger network of 12 sites (Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Scandinavia, Russia) with about 50 collaborators implementing the very same 5 protocols on rodents, predators, shorebird nests, artificial nests and herbivores.