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Parnuna P. Egede


Parnuna Egede is a Joint PhD Fellow at Ilisimatusarfik – University of Greenland at the Institute of Social Science, Economics and Journalism, and Aalborg University at The Danish Centre for Environmental Assessment. In collaboration with the Inuit Circumpolar Council – Greenland, her research focuses on the Utilization of Indigenous Knowledge, and the Engagement of Indigenous Peoples, in Environmental Impact Assessments of Extractive Industry activities in Greenland and the Canadian Arctic. She is a part of the editorial group for the Arctic EIA project “Good Practice Recommendations for Environmental Impact Assessment and Public Participation in the Arctic” under the Arctic Council. Besides that, she is assisting the Inuit Circumpolar Council with tasks for the Pikialasorsuaq Commission related to their work on the North Water Polynya. She is a member of the International Association for Impact Assessment. Parnuna holds a MSc degree of Biology with specialty in Biological Oceanography (2010) from the University of Southern Denmark (Odense).