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Peter Alsen


Born 22th September 1972.
Nationality: Danish
Working adress: , ________________________________________

2007: Dr. scient. in Geology, University of Copenhagen
2000: Cand. Scient. Geological Institute, University of Copenhagen.

2007–date : Senior research geologist, GEUS
2006–2007: Post doc. research fellow, Geological Institute, University of Copenhagen
2005/10– 2006/2: Research assistant/curator, Østsjællands Museum
2003–2005: Research assistant, Geological Institute, University of Copenhagen
2000¬/6 – 2003/5: Ph.d.-student
1996–1999: Student assistant at GEUS, Stratigraphic Department

Field work
1996–2014: 13 field seasons in East, North-East and North Greenland (years 1996–1998, 2000–2001, 2007, 2009–2011: Jameson Land to Store Koldewey, central East and North-East Greenland; 2013: Kilen, eastern North Greenland; 2014: Kap Gustav Holm, southern East Greenland; 2016: Germania Land and Ile de France; 2017: Wollaston Forland, Kuhn Ø & Store Koldewey).
2015 & 2017: Svalbard

Primary research interests
Ammonite and belemnite taxonomy, stratigraphy, biogeography in the Jurassic and Cretaceous of North-East and North Greenland; palaeoceanography and paleoclimate in the Early Cretaceous; biostratigraphic, isotope and magneto-stratigraphic correlation between the Boreal and the Tethyan during Jurassic and Cretaceous incl. the problems of placing Jurassic–Cretaceous boundary; petroleum geology of North-East and North Greenland; the relation of the youngest pre-basaltic sediment to basin formation, structural evolution and break-up along East Greenland.

2000–5, Ph.D. student representative in the Geological Institute board, University of Copenhagen; 2002– Member of IUGS Lower Cretaceous Ammonite Working Group, ‘Kilian Group’; Since 2004, ad hoc reviewer for Lethaia since 2004; nominated for the IGCP scientific board; Since 2009 ad hoc reviewer for Palaeo-3; involved in the management and development of a large multi-client industry sponsered GEUS-project on North-East Greenland (2008- ); 2009- Membership of ISCS Berriasian Working Group; 2010–12 Project leader of The Cretaceous Project; 2011 project leader and excursion leader of ship-based excursion to selected stratigraphic and petroleum geological localities in North-East Greenland; 2013– ad hoc censor in palaeontology; 2014 reviewer for North Atlantic Tectonostratigraphic Atlas (NAGTEC); 2014– ad hoc reviewer for Volumina Jurassica.

Research in progress

Sediments and fossils among glacial erratics between 76°.30’ and 78°N in North-East Greenland – implications for understanding of Mesozoic palaeogeography.

Middle Jurassic sandstones in NE Greenland and their reservoir proporties. Drilling campaign 2017.

The Triassic of the Wandel Sea Basin, North Greenland.

The Jurassic and Cretaceous of the Wandel Sea Basin, North Greenland.

The geology of Store Koldewey – the closest onshore analogue area to the Danmarkshavn and Thetis Basins.

The Cretaceous of NE Greenland including studies on biostratigraphy, lithostratigraphy, sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy, structural evolution, tectonostratigraphy, petroleum geology,

The Upper Jurassic Kimmeridge clay equivalent source rock interval in NE Greenland including a number of drilled shallow cores in the Hareelv and Bernbjerg Formations.

The Middle–Upper Jurassic in Tværdal, Geographical Society Ø, NE-Greenland – including a rich Cranocephalites–Arctocephalites ammonite succession in the Pelion Formation.

Early Cretaceous Boreal Belemnitids, NE Greenland.

Jurassic lithostratigraphy of East Greenland. Intended for publication in the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin

Macrofossil biostratigraphy in the Lower Cretaceous of Svalbard (and integration with palynostratigraphy)