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Sofia Isabel dos Santos Ribeiro


Key competences
Past climate and ocean dynamics; Multi-proxy studies of marine sediment cores; Arctic sea ice variability and ecosystem functioning; Marine Micropaleontology and Palaeoecology; Phytoplankton genetics; Holocene climate and environmental change in Greenland.

Since 2013 – Research Scientist, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland
2011, 2013 – Postdoc, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland
2012 – Potsdoc at Lund University, Faculty of Science, Aquatic Ecology Unit
2008-2011 PhD Student at University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science, Marine Biological Section
2007-2008 Research Associate, Geological Survey of Portugal, Marine Geology Unit
2005-2007 Research Associate, Oceanography Institute, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Leaves of absence
2014 (Apr-Dec) – maternity leave
2009 (May-Oct) – maternity leave

PhD in Biology (2011), Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Diploma in Biology (MSc) Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Responsibilities and assignments
Project leader of the Villum-funded project HighArctic, focusing on sea ice and climate variability in Northeast Greenland over the past millennium. Team: 2 postdocs and 1 MSc student; 15 project partners from 5 institutions in Canada, Denmark, and Norway. Involvement of ArcticNet Canada, Arctic Science Partnership (ASP), and the Arctic Research Centre, Aarhus.

Experience with large interdisciplinary EU projects. Currently team-member of the EU FP7 projects ICE-ARC: Ice, Climate, Economics – Arctic Research on Change (2014-2018). Consortium: 21 institutions from 11 countries. Grant: 11.5M €

Ad hoc reviewer for several international journals, including: Quaternary Science Reviews; Geology; The Holocene; Marine Ecology Progress Series; Plos One; Estuaries and Coasts; Palaeo3; Marine Environmental Research; Continental Shelf Research.

External lecturer for MSc courses at the University of Copenhagen. Co supervisor of 2 MSc students (1 active), and 2BSc students. External examiner of 1 PhD thesis.

Granted funding since PhD
As principal applicant: 5 mio DKK
As co-applicant: 13 mio DKK

Principal applicant:
2014: The Villum Foundation’s Young Investigator Programme – career development grant. Funding: 3.75 mio DKK. Project HighArctic – Sea ice, climate, and ecosystem dynamics in Northeast Greenland over the past millennium.
2012-2014: Carlsberg Fellowship, Carlsbergfondet. Grant: 1.15 mio DKK. Project ArcGen – Arctic fjord sediments as archives of microevolution in a changing climate.
2016 North-Greenland/ Northern Ellesmere Arctic Ocean Expedition, Dansk Center for Havforskning (DCH). Grant: 2.8 mio DKK
2011-2014: Co-PI of the NordForsk Network PRODIVERSA (7 research groups from DK, SE, NO, FI). Grant: 900 000 NOK
2013, 2012: Dansk Center for Havforskning (DCH). Co-applicant of project OUTFLOW. Grant: 232 900 DKK; Azores/ Sargasso Sea cruise. Co-applicant and sub-project PI. (Main applicant: Peter Munk DTU Aqua). Grant: 9 mio DKK

Scientific expeditions
Apr-May 2015: Station Nord, Greenland (Villum Research Station) – sediment coring from the sea-ice covered Danmaks Fjord/Independence Fjord area. Arctic Science Partnership (ASP) and Arctic Research Centre, AU.
Oct-Nov 2012: Research cruise to the Barents Sea, Greenland Sea, Svalbard fjords, on board R/V Helmer Hanssen (Tromsø Univ.). Sediment coring
May 2012: Cruise to Godthåbsfjord, Southwest Greenland on board R/V Sanna (inaugural cruise), Greenland Climate Research Centre. Sediment coring.
2006: Cruise on board R/V Arne Tiselius to Koljö Fjord, West Swedish coast. Sediment coring.
2005: Scientific cruise on board R/V Noruega offshore Portugal. Sea and Atmosphere Institute (IPMA), Portugal.
2005: Expedition Lisbon-Azores on board the sailing vessel Creoula, organized by the Portuguese Navy and National Geographic.

Awards and distinctions
Villum Foundations Young Investigator 2014
Schibbye´ske Prize from the Danish Natural History Society (DNF – Dansk Naturhistorisk Forening) 2014.
Tyge Christensen prize for best scientific articles published in the international peer-reviewed journal Phycologia (2010, 2012).
Excellence prize for oral presentation at the Dino8 – Eight International Conference on Modern and Fossil Dinoflagellates – in Montreal, Canada (2008).
International award from the University of Washington, Friday Harbor Laboratories, USA (2004).