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Søren Rysgaard


Søren Rysgaard. Professor and laureate Canada Excellence Research Chair in Geomicrobiology and Climate Change. Research interests: Marine microbiology and biogeochemistry in Arctic sea ice, ocean and sediments. Understanding carbon and nutrient cycling in Arctic marine ecosystems, sea ice processes and glacier-fjord-ocean interactions. Global change.  

Arctic Science Partnership. Founding Director – Greenland Climate Research Centre (Greenland), Arctic Research Centre (Denmark). Led several large science projects in the arctic (NOG, CAMP, Anoxia, Sea Ice dynamics, FreshLink, GCRC, ASP campaigns) and initiated two long-term marine monitoring programs (High- and Sub-arctic). Authored/co-authored over 200 publications on arctic and biogeochemical processes. Have supervised 18 Master Students and 22 Phd students.