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Stig Andersen


Arctic Health Research Centre is lead by Dr. Stig Andersen (MD, PhD, PGCME. Board certified specialist in Medical Endocrinology), who is the founder and head of Arctic Health Research Centre, Aalborg University Hospital. He is a professor of Arctic Medicine at Ilisimatusarfik, University of Greenland, professor of medicine at Aalborg University, Head of Department of Internal and Geriatric Medicine, Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark, and a judoka since 1972 (1st dan). Research areas covered in the Arctic include nutrition and cold adaptation, iodine intake and thyroid function, vitamin D and skeletal health, hepatitis and liver, inflammation and persistent organic pollutants, blood pressure and ischemic heart disease, body build and obesity, and disease patterns and functional limitations in old age in the Arctic. Results have been presented at Arctic and International scientific meetings and conferences, and published in peer review scientific journals in addition to conference papers and international book chapters. Collaborators include a line of young doctors in Greenland and Denmark with a focus on transfer of knowledge and skills in science to the Arctic.