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Virginia Chondromatidou



15/09/2010–04/03/2016 School of Environment at the University of the Aegean, Mytilene (Greece)

30/01/2017–Present Ms in Aquatic Science and Technology at Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Copenhagen (Denmark)

01/07/2014–31/08/2014 Observation and recording of cold-water corals (Internship)
Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research
(HCMR), Athens (Greece)

Observations and analysis of underwater video data from Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).
▪ Recorded the presence of corals, their bathymetric distribution, their size and condition as well as the
appearance of other organisms and garbage on them or close to them.
▪ Practical training aimed at learning the methodology used to collect information on various marine
organisms using underwater footage and the recognition of their habitat.
▪The results of this study were presented during the11th Panhellenic Symposium of Oceanography
and Fisheries, Mytilene (Greece), May 2015 and the 14th Deep Sea Biology Symposium, Aveiro
(Portugal), August 2015.

01/07/2015–31/08/2015 Analysis of the effects of encephalitis virus Betanodavirus or nervous necrosis
virus (NNV) on Dicentrarcus labrax species of Mediterranean Sea (Internship)
University of the Aegean, Department of Marine Studies, Mytilene (Greece), Mytilene (Greece)


Vaccination and assessment of experimental and commercial fish vaccines.
▪ Production of bacterial cell and extracellular products for vaccine development
▪ Fish vaccination
▪ Monitor the symptom stages of retinopathy virus on Dicentrarcus labrax.
▪ Daily care of fish.
▪ Effort to maintain the appropriate environmental living conditions.
▪ Anatomy of Dicentrarcus labrax on laboratories.
▪ Blood sampling and development of ELISA assays for the identification and diagnosis of fish


Otolith dissection of juvenile flat fish
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU Aqua), Copenhagen (Denmark)
Otoliths' dissection and analysis using microscopy as well as recording and identifying of flat fish
species. I had also the opportunity to learn the process of otoliths' cleaning.


Student assistant at DTU Aqua working on benthic ecology and marine management on Danish waters.