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Weather station maintenance on ice sheet near Station Nord

Ice sheet margin near Station Nord
Type of transport
Civil helicopter
Travel area
North-East Greenland

The glaciology group at GEUS is looking for the least expensive way to get to NE Greenland, to perform 2x4h maintenance on two weather station positioned on the ice sheet near the margin. For this we are looking for a helicopter that can take us from Station Nord to the ice sheet, a two-day charter. If anyone knows anything along these lines, please let me know. Other suggestions wrt transport to Greenland (Twin Otter, military) or accommodation (Station Nord, a ship, a camp) as also most welcome.


Dirk van As


KPC_L    79.9108N    24.0833W    370m
KPC_U    79.8345N    25.1670W    870m

Last updated
01 Jul 2015