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Workshop on Improving Local Involvement in Research in Northwest Alaska


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In partnership with other organizations, the Northwest Arctic Borough (Borough) will conduct a workshop in Kotzebue, Alaska during November 2012 to identify ways to improve the involvement of local residents in scientific research projects. The workshop will involve approximately 60 participants, including residents of the 11 Borough communities, students and researchers doing work in the region. The partner organizations who will be involved in organizing the workshop include the University of Alaska Chukchi Campus, NANA Regional Corporation, and the Northwest Arctic Borough School District. The workshop will build on the findings from related previous workshops and conferences held in this region. This locally-driven workshop will involve discussions on ways to improve local involvement in research, including meaningful participation in planning research design, conducting studies, reviewing preliminary findings, and reporting research results. It will also involve identification of recommendations for future research topics. This workshop will address ways to improve the integration by indigenous knowledge and Western science. The workshop will result in threeprimary outcomes: Development of Principles for Conducting Research in Northwest Alaska, completion of a workshop summary that includes recommended future actions, and establishment of a work group that will address ways to implement recommendations developed during the workshop.