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Workshop: Navigating The New Arctic: Bridging Science, Art, and Community


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Education & Outreach

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This workshop and associated activities will explore the intersections of the natural, built, and social-cultural environments in the changing Arctic. In this workshop, the investigators will explore how building design, art, and music can be bridge between scientific data and understanding, both academic and Indigenous, of Arctic landscape change. The investigators hope to develop creative and truly interdisciplinary approaches for understanding landscape change and refining questions about the effects of these changes. The workshop will consist of one-day symposium, followed by a three-day workshop, both taking place at the University of Virginia. A post-workshop activity will take place in Utqiagvik (Barrow, AK) to present and discuss outcomes. In addition, the workshop organizers are promoting the idea of engaging the next generation of Alaska Native youth through the intersection of science, engineering, architecture and music, hoping that they will become interested in pursuing these fields for the ultimate benefit of their own communities.