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Workshop Travel Support: Pribilof School District's "Bering Sea Days" and The Alutiiq Museum Fall Lecture Series


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This award is to support the PI's participation in the Pribilof School Districts "Bering Sea Days" and The Alutiiq Museum Fall Lecture Series. The Pribilof School District (PSD) will be holding their 6th Annual "Bering Sea Days" (BSD) educational outreach event October 1-4 in St. Paul, AK. This four-day workshop is designed to educate the students of the St. Paul and St. George schools about the Pribilof Islands and Bering Sea marine life. The Office of Cultural Affairs for the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island Tribal Government, has invited the PI to participate in BSD this year. Specifically the PI plans to spend a significant amount of time on bone growth and how archaeologists and paleontologists use growth patterns to determine the age-at-death of animals based only on the bones. After BSD, the PI plans to travel to Kodiak, where he has been invited to present a lecture detailing the archaeological research that he has been conducting for the past several years. The Alutiiq Museum Fall Lecture Series is an annual event that was created specifically to address community demand for public sharing of scientific studies on Kodiak culture, history, and environment. This project is in response to the request by an Alaska Native community for the participation of a scientist in public outreach and education in their community and represents exactly what the Program has been promoting among NSF funded research, the return of scientific information to the communities in which the data was collected.